Deleting modulator in Flow Motion

Newbie here, coming up to speed on Flow Motion. I can’t figure out how to delete/disable a modulator, once it’s “plugged into” a slot. Empty slots, when clicked, show a popup to select either one of the 4 modulators, or “None”. But once a modulator is configured for a slot, a click of any kind (left/right, ctl, alt, shift, etc.) only brings up the “amount of modulation” selector.

This is a late-model iMac running Big Sur, Flow Motion, running as an AAX plugin in Pro Tools 2021.3.1.

Nothing in the manual or on this forum that I can see…but I figure it must be easy. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

Right click that Modulator “destination” slot and select “None” :wink:

Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to work. I have a one button mouse, so ctl-click is the equivalent of right-click for me…everywhere except for here. Ctl-click acts just like regular click.


Sounds like you’re on a Mac. You know, if that is a case there is a way to set that mouse up to do a secondary click, its in the mouse preferences, thats how I have mine configured.

The trick to use it is to make sure you lift the left finger when your right click, otherwise the sensors assume you want a left click.

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