Tell Us How You Got Into Recording / Producing Music

I’ve been playing music for 46 years. (I started when I was 4), so yes, I’m 50. :wink:

For my graduation present, my mom got me a Casio CZ1 (I think that was the model). It had a whopping 4 track sequencer in it and a polyphony of maybe 8 notes…I forget). I would write a bunch of songs, sequence them, save them to tape, but I had no real way to get lyrics into those songs recorded.

I had a friend that had a studio and a Korg M1. He couldn’t really hook the Casio up to his studio because it was SO noisy. So I would have to recreate the songs on the M1. Time was money, so I couldn’t really do much with that, so I kind of gave up after sort of recording one of my songs.

When I was in my 20s, I got a job at a local music store called Toledo Musical Instrument Exchange. They allowed you to rent gear from them. I had rented a Korg Wavestation Rack, which not only had synth sounds, but you could plug a mic into it and use the onboard effects. It would had a sequencer. So I got a little tape recorder with an line input and would attach it to the recorder, hit play on the sequencer and record my vocals into it. It still kind of sounded pretty amatuerish.

I ended up buying a Korg O1W/Pro and learning to play that. I bought my first DAW (a Windows 95 compatible DAW called Musicator).

I then got a job for Diamond Multimedia and quickly became what was known as a Product Team Leader. It was for an audio card called “Monster Sound” and it came with a Roland GS MIDI Daughtr Board. I was the only one in the company that knew anything about MIDI, so I wrote the documentation for the MIDI aspect of it as well as the customer facing website and internal facing website for support for it. I also included a MIDI file called “Monster In My Computer” with the card. Because of all that, I became known as Midiboy around Diamond Multimedia. This eventually earned me a major promotion and I became Supervisor Of Technology and Training, which made it so I was able to purchase real equipment to record with.

So I bought a 4-Track tape recorder. (This is still back in 1998). I recorded my first album and most of my 2nd album on that.

Long story made slightly shorter…I upgraded many, many times, until present day, which I am 100% digital now with a pretty high end computer / daw setup and various keyboard controllers, etc. I just finished my 10th album (an instrumental album called “When Words Fail” under my real name, Gregg Hart).

So that is where I am today. :smile:


Hi. I started out my “musical career” playing drums in a school marching band at 10, and continued until the age of 14. Didn’t touch another instrument until I picked up a guitar at the age of 19, due to a friend of mine that always had his acoustic guitar with him. He tought me a few chords, and then I got my own acoustic guitar and started learning. As soon as I learned a few chords, I felt the need to make music. I started making ballads at 1st, but when I got an electric guitar and an amp, that changed. The music became heavier. I got to borrow a VestaFire4 from a friend of mine for a while, where I layed down my 1st multitracks. When I didn’t have that, I put a tape recorder in the room, and just recorded live. I have 100’s of old cassettes with song ideas. I got my 1st DAW in '98, and it was Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.
I started Zargg as a band in 1998, with a crew of 2 guitars (me on one), bass, drums and vocals (me).
Due to families popping up with the members, it was dropped as a band in 2003. I still use the artist name. I also play guitar (and have for 18 years) in a futurepop band called Spektralized and have been lucky to be able to tour a bit around Europe (mainly Germany), playing gigs at cool places.
Lately, I have been “singing” (or shouting at Mike, which is the nickname for my Heil Pr40) :sunglasses:
I have a project with a friend of mine in the USA (Bapu, known to some from the SONAR forum) and Scotland (jyemz/James Griffiths from the same forum).
I’ve been reluctant to upgrade software until the last few years, and have Studio One 4 Pro, CbB/SONAR, MixBus5, and a few elements versions of different DAW’s.
I struggle to finish my music and don’t share much of my own stuff.
But I’m trying to get better at it.
I’ve recorded and released 4 albums with Spektralized, and a few songs with my other projects, so I can finish stuff, just not my own.
All the best.


Everything about music that I was looking for was answered at klingeltonkostenlos. This is one of the most fascinating things, isn’t it?

I lost a bet. That’s how I got into this. :upside_down_face:

Seriously though, it began as a simple curiosity which lead to another and another.

Similar story, similar experiences, but it always seems to stem from being curiosity. How is it that they do this?? Then once I learn that it becomes okay, but how do I do that then. The answer to one thing leads to three more questions that need answers.

Decades on I’m still doing it and still learning new things. I’m just able to charge money for it now. :upside_down_face: