eMotion LV1 in the Studio...Awesome!

I am loving using LV1/64 in my home studio setup! V11 is working fantastically!

I don’t have a giant setup, but I am running two (2) IOX’s , Q, Extreme server and Mercury+. Host machine (win10) and DAW (win10 Cubase)

I run LV1 on it’s own Host machine. That way, all the channel renames don’t mess with my Cubase recording template, and none of that overhead is on my DAW.

I send studio cues through LV1 and use MyMon now for mixing IEM.

I also have my Main studio speakers and HD800S Headphones being fed by LV1 matrix . DAW mains go right into LV1, then out to the speakers. It also allows me to mix in anything else I want. Again, all my processing then stays on extreme server.

In the tracking/jam studio, I have LV1 setup with 1 touch screen monitor. In my control room, I remote into the LV1 Host machine with Remote Utilites Viewer. This lets me control LV1, and walk into the tracking room and still be able to sit down and work on my touch monitor, without having to log in. That was a frustration with using Windows RDP.

I like having LV1 much better than the little 8Channel ST Mixer in SoundGrid Studio. Same concept, only I have 64 channels now.

For simplicity, I bought 2 copies of Mercury, so I have it on my computer as well as my LV1 rig. Not everything i do requires low latency, so it is a convenience thing.

Anyway, I am sure others are using LV1 in the studio. I am curious to hear how you setup and maybe things I could do differently that I have not thought of yet.

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