The struggle of Mixing and Mastering Vocals

Correct me if you disagree, but in my opinion, vocals are the hardest thing in a track to get right?
Hey! The name is Brian, and I grew up with a fascination of making music, how it works and how it makes me feel! From the moment I got a DAW, I’ve been trying to perfect this craft, and have learned from some of the best including: Deadmou5, and Bass kelp. So I had a general question for everyone. If I knew someone who was able to create a plugin that you could type lyrics into it and vocals would pop out, making it so you wouldn’t even need a singer; and also added in a master class on how to use it, a book about vocal production, demo videos, and more; how many people would take him up on that offer?

Personally I don’t think the tech is there yet. Sure we can do voices, but we can’t do “performance”. The way the intonation of the voice changes with pitch and dynamics. The way that some parts can be practically whispered, while others belted out, even breaths can be quite important.

Fundamentally, the better the performance the better the vocalist and the better the song is. Those songs tend to well. The ones that don’t tend to lack on the performance/vocalist side of things. There are of course exceptions, but generally speaking this is the cause and effect that drives a good song.

We’re just there yet with performance and a static, albeit musical “read” won’t be enough for a good performance. You need more to connect to a listener and I don’t know if anyone is actually looking into this.

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