Where Do I " Hello ? "

Hi everyone. Am new here and couldn’t find a forum where newbies can introduce themselves. So, just a quick message to say ‘hello’ and I look forward to learning from all of you great sages. Just thought it was polite to first say ‘hello’ before I start asking question for help. Cheers :sunglasses:


Welcome. You will find it is not a super busy forum, but still helpful. :vulcan_salute:

HI, i also new here. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Synetos. Understandable as musicians are creative and always busy making music. But I am still grateful for those who do find the time to help and am already benefiting from some tips from old posts

Glad that I am not the only newbie here. Am sure I will still learn a lot from you as well as everyone else. Cheers

Hi @mr_david

Welcome to the Waves community forum.

Nice to have you on board! I hope you will be satisfied with the forum.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello Mr_David and to everyone else here who is new! I’m just a Waves fan but I hang around here to randomly talk about my favorites and answer questions when I can.

Do you have any favorites so far? My #1 favorite would be Scheps Omni Channel but I love a bunch so it’s hard to pick. That one lives on the most tracks in every mix, so it wins as favorite!

How about you?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Here are my favorites so far:

  • Scheps Omnichannel
  • CLA Epic
  • Puigchild
  • Api 2500
  • Studiorack
  • Aphex Vintage Aural exciter
  • NS1 Noise suppressor
  • SSL Master bus compressor
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Hello from me too, I guess this is where we do that then!

Quite new to Waves, bought a handful of them this year, loving the puigchild and the J37 & Kramer tape machine.
Also just bought the Schepps73, my ■■■ that does wonders for vocals!

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Hello all) I’m new to Waves
I like this forum for useful info, thats cool

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Hello… (just getting a post in to get the count up). Favorites - Dorrough, TG mastering, L2, maybe echosphere and vitamin - honestly most of what I bought doesn’t get used much (part of that’s the nature of bundles - Gold).

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