Superrack & Live Professor Issue

Hi there

Wondering if there is anything speaking against using Waves Superrack and Live Professor on the same Mac mini. Both using the Waves card as audio input and output.
So far it has worked well but since a few days I‘m getting weird droput-like sounds and a „audio device was late“ error message in live professor. No errors whatsoever in Superrack.

I‘m also using Protools on the same system to multitrack and it stops recording when or right before the dropout is happening. Protools is showing a AAE -6101 error.
CPU usage meter in Protools is never above 20%.

Any ideas appreciated.


Hi @AAndri,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Live professor is not supported with Waves products, plugins or host applications, such as SPRK LV1 SGST. So this may be a part of the issue here.

Pro Tools should run just fine with Waves, if you still have trouble setting it up with a supported host such as Pro Tools I’d advise to Contact Technical Support to get their professional assistance with solving this.