Current State - MacOS and Super Rack

What is Waves current position with using Mac’s and Waves for Super Rack?

For a while there was a memory issue I recall that meant every so often Waves would crash, and thus Waves recommended Windows for Stability.
But maybe this has changed?

I can tell you that Super Rack and LV1 are almost unusable on the M1 macs. Moving between pages and racks is incredibly slow. Waves has it listed as a graphics issue in the release notes.

As much as I hate Windows, in my experience, windows is still the best option.

Hi @houghton.cb,

Thank you for the feedback we are aware of the issues and currently working on a fix that should be released soon.

Currently, to solve the issue there are two options

  1. Use an external display.
  2. Roll back to a previous OS such as Big Sir OS 11.
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