Success with Waves Tune in DaVinci Resolve?

Has anyone here been able to make Waves Tune work in DaVinci Resolve / Fairlight?

Hi @MrMark and welcome to the forum!

DaVinci Resolve is not one of our officially supported host applications.
That being said it may load and work, maybe even someone in the community can offer help, but we cannot guide how to set it up, guarantee it will work properly or be able to assist if it doesn’t.

Do you have any other audio host applications you can use Tune on?

Thanks for the welcome. I realize that I am awfully new here to be making waves (was that a pun?), but DaVinci Resolve is where I do my work, so if Waves Tune doesn’t work there, then it’s of no use to me. Or to say it another way, since there are any so many VSTs that DO work in DaVinci Resolve, I’ll just stick with those instead of buying, loading and using a completely different editing environment, and then having to switch back and forth between applications instead of doing everything from one, just so I can use Tune.

A web search suggests that, as of last year, for the free version alone, DaVinci Resolve had twice as many users as Pro Tools. That’s to say nothing of the paid Studio version. I think Waves is missing an opportunity by not supporting such an important editing environment.

Failing that, hopefully someone who managed to figure it out without support will speak up.


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