Davinci Resolve support?

I’m buying some plugins for my adobe cc software. But I know pretty soon we’ll be moving to resolve full time. Are there any plans on supporting this software?

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Hi @fransueloken, welcome to the forum!

In general our plugins do work in Resolve,
However we have not fully qualified it yet and are not ready to officially support it at this time.

I suggest demoing Waves in Resolve to see it it meets your needs.


Davinci Resolve is fast becoming the next heavy weight NLE. It’s right up there with FCPX and Premiere. It’s been used on a few Hollywood movies.

It’s seriously worth Waves considering official support for it as a new platform. It’s only getting stronger and it isn’t going away.

Well it’s certainly worthwhile some heavy consideration from management.


I can confirm that even in 2021, Waves Tune does not work in DaVinci Resolve 17…unless perhaps you guys would be willing to offer some guidance…(?)

Yeah I have been having a conversation with someone somewhere else, I think in this forum. It seems that this problem might stem from a lack of Rewire support in Resolve.

That’s fair though, assuming this is true, as Rewire was a much older solution to a problem that has been since solved natively in the operating systems I believe. Inter-App Communication (IAC) in Mac.

I think what would need to happen is WavesTune to introduce a substitute method for Rewire, if this is indeed the case. Though, I can’t see that happening as that could mess with backwards compatibility. It’s probably more likey that Waves develops a new modern era pitch tuning plugin, perhaps with polyphonic tuning.

But that isn’t of help anyone at the moment.

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