Studioverse - Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, etc. presets

I love Studioverse, but I would like to see more retro style producers contribute to the project. I get it that most users of Waves products are into EDM, Rock, Hip Hop, etc., but there are many of us (who are not experienced producers) but who would like to see producer presets for modern recording projects of classic musical forms like jazz, bluegrass, blues, rockabilly, etc.

I do know how to multi-purpose many of the existing presets, but having targeted presets - by experienced producers - for banjo, mandolin, horns, Chess records sounds, Sun records sounds, pedal steel, Owen Bradley-type settings, etc. (even classic early Beatles sounds using the Abbey Road tools) would be incredibly great.

Thanks for Studioverse, and for a great set of presets, but Studioverse could be still greater with more retro options!!



Jazz, blues, funk, even cinematic for me.

I agree though, more styles would be greatly appreciated.