Product types you would like to see more from waves

  • Original design innovative tools
  • More analog modeling stuff
  • More virtual instruments

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Besides the poll, please feel free to elaborate your thoughts on this.


I think that almost all analog units were already modeled :smile: I love Waves more or less recently started to do more original tools and much more virtual instruments.

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Would love to see more Virtual Instruments. Flow Motion has been my jam lately!


I have to agree…Flow Motion is pretty sweet. I also really like Codex. I’d like to see more of that type of stuff rather than the “real” instrument sounds. If you listen to current radio songs, I’d like more sounds like what is popular today.

Though I wouldn’t balk if Waves did a REALLY good contemporary / modern orchestra VSTi. I have Several Native Instruments orchestras, as well as a UVI one, but the NI ones that I have are more classical and harder to use in faster, more contemporary music, and while the UVI one seems nice, I need to learn it. It’s quite complicated, but I did just get it.

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I would love a creative delay plugin.
Maybe a step-sequenced delay with a unique character.

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Oh, yes! I agree :+1:
I’d love to see Waves do that :violin: :trumpet::saxophone:
All the best.

I’d absolutely love to see a multi-band gate plugin! :wink:


Amazing one . Can’t stop thinking of the possible uses for the same.


I would really request the Waves team to model the 35mm film recorder.
No ones done . Dunno if that is possible . But I have been 35mm film Mix sessions as a Junior and Still can’t forget the warmth

Plugins that actually put money into my bank account instead of removing it!! :upside_down_face:

I’d like to see Waves do a Rhodes Mark I and a B3 emulation. I’d also like to see a gate where you can easily set the release to musical divisions. Maybe the reduction can be triggered by a sequencer too.

Sounds like Waves should be doing a new gate plugin here!! :rofl:


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