StudioRack + SoundGrid DSP Offline Bounce Mode

I’m really loving my SoundGrid DSP server. It would really helpful if StudioRack could automatically switch from SG to Native processing when doing an offline bounce.

The “Switch All” functions are helpful, but it’s not uncommon for me to have sessions where that’s just too broad. Besides, it’s such a repetitive task, I’d really prefer to not even have to switch. I know a lot of other companies (like Leapwing and Oeksound) have special “higher quality” modes for offline bounce. I’m not asking for “higher quality”, just to automatically switch to “native” when doing bouncing offline.


Hi there @p940e, welcome to the Forum!

The switch happens behind the scenes automatically if set up per instructions here.
Except for Abelton and Bitwig – as we state here:
· Bouncing/rendering audio with StudioRack in SoundGrid processing mode in Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio will result in corrupted audio. Workaround: Switch All instances of StudioRack to native processing. In Ableton Live you can also choose to bounce/render audio in Real time.

Thanks for the reply! That’s really helpful, somehow I missed this. Sadly I’m not seeing “Waves Soundgrid StudioRack” in my options for MIDI contollers:


I guess this makes me want to modify my feature request: instead of requiring this non-intuitive MIDI connection to get auto switching for Offline bounce, can you just use the same technique other companies allow higher sample rate processing for Offline bounce? Because, for me, your current setup isn’t an option for some reason.

Hi @p940e, if you can’t see that option, perhaps something is not set up correctly.
Please reach out to our support team to sort this out.