Soundgrid studio . Enable INP/PB sync to DAW?


Enable INP/PB sync to DAW?

anybody knows about this?

input/playback sync?

I just fiddled with it a little bit and it doesnt seem to do anything. At least not yet?
Maybe they are getting rid of the HUI requirement for StudioRack and implementing another way for the DAW to tell the soundgrid mixer when to switch between INPut and PlayBack mode? That’d be nice.

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That would be nice.
Though I have had no problems with the existing method. Only issue, seems to be when I have Logic Pro X open at the same time… I seem to get some unwanted midi notes coming from Pro Tools. (could be an entirely different issue).

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Mine comment is purely a guess. Probably born of the hope that Waves will come up with a way to make it work properly with my DAW of choice, Samplitude.
This is what I get for using a weird DAW I guess. :smiley:

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maybe new concept is coming…

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Looks like it IS indeed a new way of doing the playback/input monitoring switch, as it is discussed in the documentation.
However, the docs are pretty vague, saying that the feature works in “some daws” but doesn’t list any of the daws it works with, or how to set it up on the DAW side.
I can say the feature doesn’t work in any of the daws I own. :confused:

Hi Guys,

This is an option that will soon be available in several DAWs, we will announce which and when they are ready with updates to support this feature. Basically it will toggle the PB/INP modes according to the state of your DAW transport when tracks are armed for recording,
In the meantime, learn how to set this up with Mackie HUI protocol in Protools, Cubase, Logic, Reaper, and Studio One in this article:

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I wish It would work on studio rack channels and soundgrid studio common basic channels both. It would be great.

Because . for monitoring input, I just push DAW’s input monitor button only.
It would be much easier then now.

I am hoping the new PB/INP method will work with samplitude (which supports ASIO direct monitoring… is that what this new feature is using?)

But, since I use the red-headead step child of DAWS, I’m not holding my breath. :smiley:

ADM (Asio direct monitoring) would be a better solution. IMO

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