Studiorack Pro Tools HDX DSP Processor feature

Please consider adding back the Pro Tools DSP version of the new Studiorack plugin and Soundgrid Studio. I would love to be able to offload DSP to the server while using the HDX driver like I can in ver 9.7. This will allow delay compensation on sidechain for plugins as well as other advantages as a pro tools user (extra voices, no 32 track limit, etc.) My waves plugins (Mercury, Abbey Road, Studio Classics, etc.) are all up to date with WUP. I want to be able to use the new version of the plugin and be able to upgrade my OS to Catalina while keeping these features.

I’ve talked about this in another thread, but thought I would add this here as a feature request to see if other people want it back. Who knows maybe I’m the only one that wants this. I was on the phone last night with waves support and they said they had a lot of calls about it. Anyone else in my situation?


Hi @joellegros,

As mentioned here: Not supported in SoundGrid mode in Pro Tools HDX, HD or HD Native

We are aware of the need for this in the market and and I have passed the request up the food chain.


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Yes!!! I have the same issue. I also started another thread about this.

We need this feature back!!


I’m also asking for SoundGrid mode for HDX. As I said in another thread, I bought a SoundGrid Mobile to offload my plugins. Well, I can’t do that now because I’m on HDX and can’t use v9 because I’m on Catalina. I really could use this for my mixing

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