StudioRack: Linear AND Logarithmic curves for Macro Knobs

It would open up new possibilities if StudioRack’s macro knobs could follow a linear OR logarithmic curve. The need for this becomes clear if you add wet/dry functionality to a compressor via a parallel split. If you assign a macro to inversely correlate the wet/dry levels, the middle area of the macro knob will result in a very low volume, really limiting the effectiveness of this workflow. Selecting a logarithmic curve would eliminate the mid-knob volume drop.


Yeah actually I wondered if there was already a way to do that. That kind of flexibility should be quite simple to add. Seems like a good idea.


+1 for this feature request.

I’d actually love a proper curve editor with presets for linear, logarithmic. If anyone’s worked with game audio, I absolutely love the curve editor built in to Wwise and can already dream of the presets I could build with something that powerful.

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