Vinyl LP GEQ Curves

Hey guys.
I’m sending the adjustments to the GEQ, for the RIAA curve used in Vinyl records, and the opposite curves.
Some frequencies ask for values above 18dB and others below -18dB.
Since the GEQ only allows -18 to +18 dB, two curves are needed, one up to 18 and -18db, the other with the difference. I could also use two curves, both up to 12dB, but I preferred one of 18, another of 6dB, as this second one is not so necessary, as it picks up frequencies that are GENERALLY not present on the record.
Another detail, in graphics mode, the adjustment is only one decimal place 0.0 which reduces precision a little, nothing exaggerated.
In simple editing mode, we have a value from 0.000000 to 1.000000, corresponding to -18dB to +18dB, (0.500000 = 0 dB) but I still could not calculate the value for each frequency. When I have more time, I’ll try.
http:// www joao eng br / GEQModernMono.rar

I’m trying to manually edit the GEQ preset, but it doesn’t save the values, it goes back to the default value.
Any tips?

Thats an interesting use for GEQ, wouldn’t it be a but “stair -stepped” for this kind of application??

Perhaps, some kind of Tilt EQ or two very wide parametric eq bands pulling and pushing frequencies at opposite ends would get you a more reliable result?!?

I think so.
Do you have a suggestion of which plugin, and parameters?
or any preset ready for download?

Not of the top of my head, but have a look into “Tilt EQs”.

I’ve tried setting two bands of a regular parametric eq to the widest possible Q and tried to see if I could replicate the broad boost/cut characteristic of the RIAA curve, but it couldn’t quite do it. Maybe there is one out there which can, otherwise try the tilt EQ thing.