Having a EQ that works with curves/splines

Dear Members,

I was thinking that it would be awesome to have a Waves EQ plugin that can work with curves/splines - like a series of points representing frequency and dB values:

Frequency (Hz) Value (dB)
110 2.3
112 2.1
300 -2.4

The plugin could import/export these values (in text format) representing ANY curve basically
The plugin shall have high resolution to cope with more complex curves even in the bass region
(at least 1/12 octave or even 1/24 octave resolution)

This would allow to match an EQ to any desired curve!

Many thanks for taking this into consideration
Best regards

Years back I always wondered why no-one has ever done that kind of thing. Although, someone probably has by now. I imagine someone like Adobe May have taken this kind of approach with its eq in Premiere and Audition,

Still, it’s a different way of working with an eq and it might be handy for people coming out of the visual design, film/tv editing field. I can’t see why this can’t be a thing as long as they think their market is big enough for it.

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