Plugins opens but no Display

I can open all my plugins but like 50% of them wont show any display… just black, but they influence the sound and i think i can turn the nobs, just not see them… Any ideas how to solve this?

Hi @olamandude,

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As this is not a known issue, first make sure to load the plug-ins with the Officially Supported VST3 format.

If needed, refer to this link and follow the steps of rescan Studio One for VST3 plug-ins.

In case the issue is not solved, I suggest contacting our beloved Tech Support team, to look into this and offer a solution.

I come across this kind of problem periodically online. Not necessarily a Studio One problem, but it almost always seems to be PC related, though. My guess is that it has to do with all the possible options you have out there for graphics cards, where a Mac is much more limited.

Have you made sure your graphic drivers are up to date, that’s solved some issues in the past. Also I think the way certain software and games can be “power managed” by the graphic card software. Try plying with different settings or just turning it off in order to troubleshoot your problem.

Another thing it might be is an OpenGL/CL thing. I’m not sure if that can be updated, but its worthwhile looking into.

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