StudioRack as VST3 wrapper for Protools on Apple Silicon

I have just switched from StudioOne on WIndows to Protools on an M2 pro Mac Mini and I just figured out something that I thought I would share.

Waves’ plugins all seem to be AAX universal so no problems there but Plugin Alliance AAX plugins are still X86 so P.A. told me that I would need to run them with Rosetta–I don’t have any other need for Rosetta so I didn’t like that. I just found that StudioRack AAX works as a wrapper for VST3 for the plugins running within the rack so, as long as I install the VST3 versions, they show up in StudioRack.

I was playing through a BrainWorx amp sim into a couple of other Plugin Alliance plugins at 32 sample buffer and didn’t notice any increase in latency or any issues. StudioRack is a pretty cool interface so, to me, it doesn’t feel like a work-around as much as an enhancement and I am finding the StudioVerse presets are very good starting places mixing so I could see using that more and more anyway.