SSL E Channel Crashing Cubase

Hello, I am new to this forum. I hope someone out there can help me solve this problem;

I recently purchased the SSL E Channel and went to load it into one of the plugin channels on my drum bus but as soon as I select the “SSL Channel” Cubase immediately crashes? Any idea on what I can do to fix this?

I run Cubase 8 because I’m used to it. I have 12 but one of the amp sims I prefer to use has issues with 12. I running this on a 2017 Mac Desktop.


Hi @davidlynnolsen,

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Cubase 8 is a bit outdated in case you are trying to run Waves’ latest V14.

If using the latest Cubase 12 which should run fine with Waves V14 is not an option,
I suggest contacting our amazing Techies who might be able to recommend the appropriate version to run on your current DAW version and OS version. in case available.

Have a great day meanwhile.


I don’t have Cubase, but I have noticed that some Waves Plugins likes to flood the DAW with “save me” signals. If you have any kind of “auto-save” feature, try turning it off before running the plug-in to see if that helps?

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