Total NEVE plugins and bundles

Waves need more of the supreme/majestic sound of NEVE (Pearls & Diamonds) console emulations and channel strips. The divine and celestial legendary sound will be at the fingertips of any Waves fan who loves the art of mixing. Starting from models such as:
Neve 8048
Neve 8068
Neve 8078
Neve 8014
Neve BCM10
Neve Melbourne
Neve 8066 Mark II
Neve 5315
Neve 8128
Neve 8158
Neve 8232
Neve V Series (such as V3, V3A, V4, V4S, V55)
Neve 5300 Series (such as 5316, 5332, 5361)
Neve 54 Series (such as 5432, 5452)
Neve Capricorn
Neve Libra
Neve 88 Series (such as 8816, 8818)
Neve 8816 Summing Mixer
Neve 8824 Summing Mixer
Neve VR Series (such as VR Legend, VR60, VR72, VRP, VRP Legend)
Neve 9098 Stereo Mixing Console
Neve VR Legend Neve VR Series
Currently manufactured:
AMS Neve AMS Neve Genesys G32/G64
AMS Neve Genesys Black
AMS Neve 8424
It would be great if Waves could collaborate with Neve on a console emulation series. This collaboration could start with separate plugins, which could later be bundled into sets like Bundle 1, 2, and 3. Eventually, WAVES could release a comprehensive SUPERB NEVE BUNDLE PACK that includes all emulated models that includes all emulated console models.


Then there is the germanium 1057/58 preamp/eqs that would be great to have modelled while there are still a few left functioning on the planet.

I’d also like to see some modern day and mid 90 strips being emulated, so we have a choice in color. Vintage is great, but you don’t really want to be putting an orchestra through it.

While youth suggestions are great, I personally don’t need all of them modelled, a few would be fine… Plus the 1057/58.