Neve 88RS Channel Strip with Buckets

Would like an emulation of a modern Neve. The 88RS. Add the buckets in one version for those who have the CPU, and a bucketless lite version for those who don’t. Just like CLA Mixhub, but for a Neve 88RS. Actually. Make a Neve 88RS Collection, and include channel and bus processing of the console. People don’t ask for it enough because they don’t know how marvelous the Neve 88RS sounds. They will once they hear it. It is one of the best consoles ever made hands down. Beautiful silky sound.

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It would be tough for anything to dethrone Scheps Omni Channel as my personal favorite, but I’d buy an 88RS emulation if Waves released one.

If they were to release a Mixhub style 88RS emulation — it would be cool if they included per-channel variation as well. I know the variation on a console like that is subtle, but subtlety has value. Individual channel variation is awesome in NLS.

Speaking of Mixhub, I hope they do a 4K update for that product. I’m REALLY enjoying the hi-res graphics of the updated & new Waves products.

@rolandyoingco – is there anything specific about the 88RS workflow that you like in terms of channel strip design? Or do you just like the overall sound?

Sign me up!! I’m a bit of a shameful order when it comes to channel strips. So I have a flavour for every occasion.