Can't Get Direct Monitoring to Work with Studio Rack and soundgrid Studio

Cannot figure out the patching in soundgrid studio to get Studio rack to do direct monitoring I only get audio from my microphone when in playback mode but the audio has delay latency but when switching to input or auto mode I see the audio indicators jumping up and down but I’m not getting audio back into Cubase 11 Mac so I can hear the audio I contacted tech support and they just send me links to stuff I’ve already seen on your site that does not tell me anything on how to actually step by step patch in soundgrid studio pretty much worthless and what’s crazy is I had it working at one point but all of a sudden it just stopped working all of your videos are out of date on your website and YouTube in the video that you do have on the new versions That You released or just introducing the product not actually telling you how to configure and patch and everything I’m very surprised there’s not a complete training course in how to configure and set this up with your Daw their videos but they’re very vague I was even looking for a paid course with full details there’s not even that nobody wants to take advantage of that very strange

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Hi @lyric8

Thank you for your feedback.
I would like to try and clear a few things out.

First, note that our latest StudioRack v12 is Officially Supported with Cubase 11 running on Mac computers, compatible with these System Requirements.

Note that Low latency Input monitoring is only possible with a full SG network, consistent with a SoundGrid Server and SG I/O (and an SG network switch).

If that is the case, I do suggest going over our SoundGrid Studio Tutorial: DSP Offloading & Low-Latency Monitoring.

This tutorial covers the basics (and a bit more), on how the setup up the SG network and workflow with SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack.

Although the Tutorial shows StudioRack in Pro Tools, the workflow with it is the same as in Cubase.

The only difference will be setting up StudioRack to sync with Cubase transport options, to control the input/playback mode when recording or playing back in Cubase.

Setting this feature is explained in our How to Use Your DAW Transport to Toggle StudioRack Input & Playback Modes tutorial. Cubase settings are shown in 1:30 :slight_smile:

More information on Low Latency Monitoring features can be found in StudioRack and SoundGrid Studio manuals:

Feel free to let me know if I missed anything or if something is still not clear.

If there are any technical issues with setting this up, I suggest continuing your case with Tech Support, so they could advise further regarding your exact setup.

Thank You For Your Reply But Yes i Have Seen All The Videos You Suggest But None Of Then Show You How To Do The Patching In Soundgrid Studio That is The Problem i Am Having and i Can Not Fine Any Videos On How To Dig Deep Into The Patching Part it Dose Not Tell You Step By Step I The Manual Ether and Yes I Own a Digigrid iOS Interface Thanks

Hi @lyric8

You can find more info regarding the patching at the SoundGrid Studio: How to Stream Audio between Your DAW and a SoundGrid Interface article.

And if you need any further assistance, feel welcome to contact our Tech Support team.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Hi @lyric8

I wanted to correct myself, and add more information.

In order to record in low latency 1st start with Auto-Config (in SoundGrid Studio > SETUP), which will add your network port and devices to the inventory, additionally, it will create an automatic patch (device to device) between the SG I/O to the SG driver.

Make sure to choose a physical output that will continue to your monitors/headphones in SoundGrid Studio Control Room (shown in the Mixer view).

Once done, continue with setting up the channels from your DAW:

  • Set the Audio Driver of the DAW to Waves SoundGrid
  • Add a track and select the needed input for recordings
  • Add StudioRack and choose the same recording input

Set StudioRack to Auto or Input as shown in the screenshot below:
MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

Once done, the channel (ie StudioRack) will be added to the SoundGrid Studio Mixer and shown in the StudioRack Layer

Basically, the inputs will arrive from your DAW however the Outputs will be assigned from the Control Room in SoundGrid Studio

For more information, please refer to the How to Use SoundGrid Studio for Real-Time Monitoring & Plugin Offload article.

Hope this information will help.

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