Improvement of "StudioRack's input/pb sync to DAW"

Improvement of “StudioRack’s input/pb sync to DAW”

now , StudioRack uses mackie hui control to change input/playback in DAW.
but I think it it better use “ASIO direct monitoring” protocol to change input/playback.
so that we can use input monitor button of DAW tracks as input/playback changes.
not the pan and fader . only input monitor switching support.

I have no idea it is possible or not… but i wish it is possible.
(and i know that this happened on REAPER and Bitwig.)

below is the Explained of ASIO direct monitoring features

The first implementation level is a basic switching support, that does only allows record armed inputs to be sent to monitoring outputs. This implementation level does not take into account the mix levels and pan positions of the DAW mixer.
The second implementation level sends the DAW mix fader levels and pan positions to the interface hardware dsp mixer, so that you don’t need to use the audio interface mixer software to set this up.

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