StudioRack Request

currently ,
Studiorack appears on Soundgrid studio mixer’s Studiorack section. like below screen shot

But if we do not set input on the studiorack, then we cannot see that channels “Soundgrid studio’s Studiorack section”

So currently , We have to set input up on all studioracks to make it appear on Soundgrid studio.

So. if we do not set input on studiorack. we cannot see it on soundgrid studio

BUT. whether we do set input or do not set input. I must alway apears always on soundgrid studiorack section

So we can use it as a each personal mix channels on “MYMON”
Even if it is already recorded channel like below (Right side’s 4 Orange channels : studiorack channels)

So I think, We need to see all studiorack channels on MYMON(soundgrid studio) , even if it does not have input setup ( so we can use all channels on MYMON even if already recorded tracks or MIDI tracks or VSTI tracks on any
DAW project)

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