SG studio or Superrack: Multiple plugins pinned - fan starts to blow

When I pin four instances of e.g. the PSE plugin so I can see their meters all the time then the fan of my macbook pro (2015, Core-i7 with 16 GB RAM) is starting to run at 100%. Closing the GUIs of the plugins revert the fan noise to almost non hearable.

Activiy monitor doesn’t seem so worried, although SG studio or Superrack (either of them) is the most active task obviously. No other stuff running. I reduced the session so there are only these four plugins in the project, and they are running on an SG server, not native.

I am a little bit surprised: is this considered “normal” ? I would have hoped I could use a second monitor to see all important plugins all the time, similar to an FX rack in analog days.

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This is a bit odd, but it could be that the fans are trying to keep the graphics card cooled as it keeps processing the changes of level. really though, I don’t think it would be that much work. It’s not like you’re trying to process a 3D graphic scene or anything.

This were also my thoughts, but I can repeat it reliably.
I wanted to try this on some other machines but I did not find the time to try it out yet.
Maybe worth to mention the macbook has only integrated graphics, but I mainly use it for audio so I considered this not important when buying.

You know, that just might be the problem too.

Mac’s integrated graphics are among the best out there, possibly the BEST in integrated laptop graphics. Though, I’m now thinking that to accomodate the high-level demand on the graphics card its most likely switching it to “performance mode”. which wouldn’t come without its downside. Namely being the extra heat generated and the fans kicking in to compensate.

Perhaps this is why its happening.

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In the meantime I could try it on a similar spec’d Win machine (Acer Aspire All-in-one Z3-710, built 2015, Core-i7 4th Gen, 16 GB RAM), and I can barely hear the whole computer. It’s a fresh install however.

I just wonder if someone else is seeing a similar behaviour on his macbookpro ?

The difference would be in the integrated chip though as the Apple chip would rip, compared to the intel one. Plus PC laptops tend to be more bulky, but have additional fans and ventilation.

As far as I can tell, anyway.

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