Announcing SuperRack, Released!

SuperRack is here!

Designed from the ground up and optimized for speedy operation, SuperRack is a cutting-edge plugin rack that lets live sound and broadcast engineers run up to 128 audio channels through multiple instances of Waves’ plugins, with near-zero latency.

SuperRack offers endless customization options that make it easy for you to tailor the application to your very own mixing workflow.

SuperRack operates in a SoundGrid Audio-over-Ethernet network, processing audio on a dedicated SoundGrid DSP server.
This moves plugin processing from the host computer to an external DSP server, to significantly increase plugin count, minimize latency, and enable the host and I/O devices to be far apart from each other, accommodating the most complex setups.

SuperRack is a natural extension of your mixing console.
Designed for quick setup time, flexible touch-friendly workspace, and unlimited workflow customization, it enables FOH, monitor, broadcast, and AV engineers to run any show with confidence.

Does this mean Multirack is not gonna get support anymore and I’d have to get SupeRrack in order to work on Mac OS Catalina?

If so, will there be an option to upgrade from Multirack to SuperRack?

Hi @maw92!

MultiRack will remain functional on systems that support it and our Tech Support will assist with issues, but it will not be receiving updates hereon.

There will be a unique price offered to existing MultiRack owners via a newsletter that will be sent soon.


SuperRack is awesome in my home studio setup!

I upgraded all my plugs to V11, and I use SuperRack now as a replacement to SoundGrid Studio. It is a great improvement over MultiRack SG.

The upgrade price was reasonable, and definitely worth it.

Maybe when SoundGrid Studio is upgraded to v11, I will go back to it.

For now, SuperRack is working perfectly fine in my studio setup, which includes: Cubase Pro 10.5, Windows 10, Extreme Server, IOX interfaces, X-WSG with M32C, Mercury+, and now SuperRack.

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