Scheps Omni Channel sidechain not functioning

I’m using Scheps Omni Channel with Maschine 2 daw on windows.
Scheps Omni Channel v14.0.0 (I have also tried downgrading to v13.0.0 however the plugin installs, but doesn’t let me activate it)

My issue is that in the Scheps Omni Channel vst the EXT SC button is greyed out so un-clickable.

Below is an image of inside the compressor and the greyed out button

On the front pannel the buttons are not greyed out, but they still do nothing. In fact the (sidechain) Filter buttons also do nothing

I found this old thread where someone had a similar issue (i can’t post a link but it was issue: 1260) and the solution was to install VST3.

However I don’t see seperate VST versions for my plugin, just the ‘Plug-Ins V14’

Any help would be appreciated



Sidechain input is found on the NKS pages in Maschine, when an input is selected the EXT SC buttons work

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Hi @thisismattdiamond,

Glad to see you managed to enable the SC input from Maschine first. :muscle: