Vocal Rider Sidechain

Please can you tell me where on ‘Vocal Rider’ I can find the side chain?
I’ve looked on you tube but they all have a drop down menu at the top of the plug in, and I don’t.

I bought it from Waves a few days ago.



Hi @Robsy and welcome to Waves Forum.

Please elaborate, what DAW application are you using and what is its version?
And what operating system are you running on?

You can also contact our technical support team and they will assist you with setting it up.

I can only say that if it is Logic it is in the top right corner of the plugin. It’s pretty hard to miss, though, so I suspect you may be working with another DAW. :thinking:


Same here, using Reaper. No SC button…
Is the SC button a function of the plugin or the DAW?

The DAW has to support sidechain for it to function. I don’t know about Reaper, but I think I’ve seen some DAWs where you have to enable it before you can it.

Perhaps there is a setting somewhere. Plugin, channel strip, mixer, project, DAW??

Hi @sethkocho

Sidechaining is indeed supported with Waves plugins in Reaper.

You can try the following:

  1. Create send: Once the plug-in is inserted on the receiving track ( e.g. Bass ), drag the “ Route ” button of the sending track (e.g. Kick ) on the receiving track’s “ Route ” button. This will create a new Send track going from the Sending Track to Receiving Track.
  2. Send to sidechain: Assign the send to this output: (New channels on receiving track) > 3 (or 3/4 if it’s a stereo track) and determine the gain in the slider above.
  3. Assign sidechain route: In the receiving track’s plug-in, click on “2 in 1 out” (Or 4 in 2 out if it’s Mono) to open the “ Plug-In Pin Connector ”. Connect 3 to Aux In ” in the patch. (Or 3/4 to Stereo Aux in case it’s stereo).

If you still find it troublesome, feel free to contact our technical support team and they will assist you with setting it up.

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Oh it looks a bit more fiddley doing it in Reaper.:thinking:

At least its doable. That is good news!!

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