Samples are not loaded when opening a project on Gig Performer

Hi everyone,
Samples of piano instruments such as “Electric88” or “Grand Rhapsody Piano” are not loaded at the end of the project opening in the Host vst Gig Performer.
The loading of the samplers takes place only when the rackspace containing the instrument is selected.
This means that these instruments cannot be used live as you have to wait at least a couple of seconds before all the samples are loaded before playing the instrument.

The problem is present for both plugins in vst and vst3 format, both for the V11 and V12 releases.

The Gig Performer version used is 3.8.1
The PC is an asus GL752VW with i7-6700HQ @ 2.6 GHz CPU, RAM
32GB, OS Win10 Home.

I have already asked for support in the Gig Performer Producer Forum and it emerged that the same problem is also present when using the Host Mainstage. The problem does not arise when using Ableton or Cubase.

Anyone have any idea of ​​the cause and if it can be fixed?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @angelo.gramazio and Welcome to Waves Forum. :slight_smile:

Please note that Gig Performer is not officially supported with Waves software (as can be seen on the Supported Hosts page).

Waves plugins were not designed for it nor tested and qualified to run with it. Therefore they may work fine in some cases, and have issues in other.
The fact that the plugins operate fine in other supported DAW’s indicates that this is indeed a compatibility issue.

Thank you very much Gurik for your reply.

I am very sorry that Waves does not take into consideration the problems that their plugins may have on different Hosts.

I bought Waves products because, after almost 30 years of plugin production, I considered it a reliable company in the production of vst plugins (which should be made according to the guidelines provided by Steinberg and therefore be a reproducible standard on every host) and careful to customer needs.
Unfortunately I have to change my mind.
I bought plugins that have a bug that cannot be resolved by the user and much less can be fixed by the company that produces the Gig Performer host (but I have had confirmation that the same problem is present on the Mainstage host). The solution can only be done by who produces the plugin (Waves).
So I find myself with plugins that are unusable for live use.
I have other piano plugins that use samples and none have this kind of problem, all samples are loaded while the project is loading.

I will not be able to help but advise against the use of Waves plugins and will no longer make further purchases and upgrades from this company.
I am really very disappointed.


Thank you for your feedback Angelo.
I’ll make sure to forward it to the relevant personnel here at Waves as a feature request.

Please note that we do support a vast amount of hosts with our products, as listed in our Supported Hosts page. Unfortunately Gig Performer is not one of them, and we do not have the knowledgebase to assist with issues that might occur on this software.

If you wish to implement Waves plugins in your workflow, consider using one of the supported DAW’s that can also give you a variety of solutions for live performance, such as Ableton Live for example.

Hi Gurik,
as anticipated when opening the ticket, the problem is also present for the Main Stage host, which appears to be among those supported by you.
I am attaching the project where you can check the anomaly.
Being a host supported by you I hope that it can be solved in a short time and that it is not the subject of new functionality but of a bug fix.

In response to the evaluation of moving to Ableton, I have evaluated and decided that it does not suit me for these reasons:

  1. I should reset 77 rackspaces on Ableton and 60 set list songs, a huge job for me
  2. the most congenial workflow for me remains the one on Gig Performer
  3. I would have to face a considerable expense just to be able to play the Waves plugins in concert (I better move on to other solutions that I am sure are working on all my hosts).

Kind Regards

(Attachment is missing)

Actually this is the behaviour in Logic as well. I always assumed it was by design. That way you can set up your project quickly without having to wait for all the samples to load. Then it just loads it as you need it, being kinder on memory usage.

Now Logic loads everything “offline” until it’s needed, so it’s not really necessary now. However, I always thought this was all done by design.

Hi Simon,
I believe that the correct functioning of a plugin that uses samples is to always load all samples as long as the track is enabled. If you need to free up the RAM then in this case the track is rendered and then the instrument track is disabled (as is done correctly on Cubase). Furthermore, by disabling the track you lighten the load on the CPU and RAM in the event that the track, in addition to the instrument, contains insert plugins.

Hi Angelo,

This will require a further investigation and troubleshooting by Waves Technical Support team.

Feel free to contact them and they will gladly assist you with sorting it out.

You will also be able to send them the session in question.
When doing so, please make sure to send a session created in a supported DAW.

Thanks and good luck! :slight_smile:

Yes and no. When trying to initialise my project. I always find it much more intuitive that the samples don’t load as I can quickly zip from one plugin to the next. It enables me to build things on the fly much more quickly. When I want to record I can then simply click open the instrument and prepare to record while the samples load.

I like it. It works for me. My Kontakt and Play quick starts load with the samples purged. I find it pointless waiting for them to load if that’s not the actual sound I will be using. It could be, that’s why its a quick start, starting with the samples purged doesn’t mean I end up spending more time waiting at all.

Of course we all have own preferences. I’m just someone that looks at this ind of a thing as a feature more than a bug. But that’s me.

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