Gigperformer issues with Waves programs

GIGPERFORMER on Windows 11. A word of warning to users of GIGPERFORMER!!!. Until recently it used to work but now since waves central update Waves plugins aren’t working and they claim they are not supporting this platform. I found out the hard way and purchased several virtual vst instruments. Multiple CR8 and multiple purchases of piano keys and renewed older electric 88 and also renewed my waves update plan only to find out now, recently, plugins aren’t working. Glad it happened before a gig because I depended a lot on the CR8 and virtual waves keyboards. I’m unfortunately purchasing alternative plugins.
I will not be updating my update plan this year.

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I don’t use it myself, but thanks for the news all the same. I’m sure others on here will find it useful.

With any luck, both Gigaperformer and Waves will be compatible with each other soon. All the same, I would be cautious going forward.