Resizable GUI Dorrough Meters


I´ve just purchased the Dorrough Stereo Meters. But I don´t use them as much as I like them. Because they don´t fit in my DAW space. Though you can turn off the bar on the right, it´s still to unwieldy to use it on screen.

I would really appreciate if they were resizable because I love how they look and I like the precise metering.


Hi @kolbydigital!

Dorrough Meters are one of the only Waves plugins that is already resizable! Check out the size selector in the image below:

thanks for the reply. Yeah, I know that button. But I´m thinking about a more variable way.
There is just to much space left and right the meters (they grey area). Even if you turn off the buttons on the right.

Are you familiar with Studio One? There is the on-board plugin “Level Meter” it´s resizable in any way. You can just drag the right corner in every direction you want. From Fullscreen to really tiny. Horizontal to vertical. So, it fits in every workspace. I think thats “really” resizable.

If the Dorrough Meters were able to resizable that way…This would be great.

This is a very popular feature request for all our plugins.
Let’s see what the future brings…

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Yeah I agree, the resize capability is a bit limited. Small is far to small and large is far too large. Preferably I’d want something like 90-80% it’s original size, but that option doesn’t exist.

The wait is finally over! V12 is out with resizable plugin GUI’s!


More info here!