Request touchscreen option

I use a few waves plugins for live performance playing bass through the GigPerformer software.
While i can easily map plugin functions to widgets within GP for live toych control, it would be very useful if the gui of yiur plugins coukd have an option for a more user friendly touchscreen experience.
For instance when using the omni channel, i occasionally find myself wanting to slighly edit the tone of my instrument while playing. The knobs are large, and it seams to work well until a box with the vslue as a number that is editable appears. I then have to close this again.

Maybe as a start an option to disable direct numerical value edits would make this a better experience? This option could be “hidden” in a gui menu so that only touch users would find it by actively looking this up?

Thanks for many great musical tools throughout the years,


Frode Berg

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