Request: Portastudio emulation

I’m a big fan of J37 and Kramer Master Tape. Sometimes I like to use J37 on tracks or submix busses and KMT on the master bus. I love these plugins but they are kind of high end…

What about a TASCAM Portastudio emulation?

Waves has a lot of high end emulations… LoFi Space is awesome, and it makes me hope you guys are exploring the LoFi aesthetic as well.

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Not a bad idea. I just upgraded IK’s Total Studio on Black Friday, so now I have their take on it.

Though I’ve yet to use any of my new plugins. I had a problem with SampleTank and their new Syntronik 2 crashing Logic every time I closed a window. This lead me to delate a whole bunch of things, delete caches and basically reinstall everything all over to try and troubleshoot it. I’ve spent a great deal of time on it but nothing worked. Not even the recent Logic update.

Though they did release an update earlier which I have already installed, but not tested. Here’s hoping!!

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