Reducing acoustic guitar finger squeak

I’ve just installed the Demo version of Waves plugins (Garageband, Mac) and my main aim is to reduce acoustic guitar finger squeak. It seems like a pretty common problem, but I can’t see any info on it. Do you have any plugins that can help with this?
Thanks, Ian

Hi @ian,

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Unfortunately, there is no specific plugin to remove squeaks.

What can be done is: to recognize the part of the recorded audio where it squeaks and split it/cut from the rest of the recorded signal.
This will allow you to lower the volume for the specific recorded part where mainly the squeak is present. You can then insert an offline eq process on that squeak segment only and apply some hi-cut to eliminate the high frequencies from that squeaky segment.

Let us know if that worked for you.

Many thanks for this reply. I’ve looked at dealing with each squeak individually, but I’ll keep trying and see if I can automate it with EQ. The alternative is just to accept it as part of the guitar!

Best regards, Ian

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The step up from automating eq is using ng a dynamic eq like the F6, or even the C6.

Check out those plugins as there may even be presets for it. Otherwise message back and I’m sure someone here will be able to give you some tips as into how to set it up.