Problem with delay effect when using Waves Tune Real Time

Hi Guys,
Not sure what I doing wrong but I am using Waves Real Time as an insert on vocals (in Logic Pro X), and when I am tracking the vocals there seems to be a slight delay effect, as if I am using a digital delay. This is very off-putting when I am trying to record the vocals.
Is this something in my settings, or is there some way of fixing this so I am only hearing the corrected vocal?
I have the scale set to the song’s key and the range is set to “Generic”.

Well technically you’re supposed to be able to use Waves Real Time in… real time.

So I’m thinking there is either something that is in your plugin chain or on the main output that is adding extra latency. Or perhaps it’s your I/O Buffer setting which you may need to set down to 64, possibly 128 for tracking vocals.

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