Confused about the SoundShifter GUI and latency

Hello, I am using logic on a Mac m1 with ventura and I have latency when monitoring live vocals or guitar for pitch drop.

In addition to this, I noticed that the waves website presents this plugin with a different GUI, am I doing something wrong or did WAVES accidentally share a screenshot of a newer GUI?

but this is what you get


Both SoundShifter Graphic & Parametric will be available in Pro Tools only as AudioSuite process.

Logic as well as most of other DAW’s we support will only have the SoundShifter Pitch only which you present in the second image.

As far as Latency goes, running in 44.1 kHz - 48 kHz will produce 6946 samples, while running in 88.2 kHz - 96 kHz will produce 13858 samples.

If you’re looking to tune your vocals in realtime, maybe something like the Waves Tune Real time will work better ? unless I misunderstood your purpose with this process.

its for drop tune guitar stuff, you think it will work?

Unfortunately no WTRT was designed to be used on Vocals only.

Have you tried lowering your buffer size settings when recording ? This should reduce some latency within your recording.

its not just lowering or raising the buffer, im on a MacBook with Ventura m1, yet more then one instance of “Sound shifter” while in Logic using low latency mode ( for live tracking) and this causes more then 4 plugins to be muted., the Logic Low latency mode calculates and mutes plugs that are CPU hungry and apparently this one is.

The Waves Vocal bender on the other hand has zero latency, but I cant get it to stop them Micky mouse RAP

Soundshifter will consume some CPU indeed, this also depends on the state of the sessions obviously.
What I used to do is, simply bounce those Sound Shifter processes once done to clear room for additional plugins processing.

yeah in logic you freeze the effect unto the track but the problem is the guitar players like to hear their guitar tuned down in real time while recording…cause just about anything else will work once the track is done.,c ant vocal bender do this with out BENDING?

well I guess the vocal bender only bends notes, it seems to be the only plugin by waves that has no latency and very low cpu, but as soon as a guitar players hits a bar chord it goes from the desired -2 D back to C…annoying.

ok so that means WAVES who created tons of plugins over looks the simplest plugs like down tune guitars or simple pitch shifting, lol

the only way I got decent pitch shifting is by using the transpose function in a neural dsp plugin…, no latency or anything cause I disengage the amp, pedals and other stuff in the amp sim.

I wish you guys well if this is the best waves can do,

PS; Im willing to pay $15 for a plug that tunes down like the neural dsp transpose feature (which requires you buy a whole amp sim to use it) just make a vial bender plug with out bending or whammy, there is no thing out there decent…,