Preamp Control in StudioRack


I’m doing some tests around the SoundGrid ecosystem. I’ve just realized that there is no solution to control the preamp gain of a Digigrid interface without the SoundGrid Studio software. It means if you’re not in front of your computer you can’t tweak you preamp.
The amazing way to have this kind of remote control preamp could be to have compatibility with Pre in Pro Tools or Apogee Preamp in Logic. I’m not sure it’s possible.
But a simple way could be to have the preamp parameters inside the StudioRack plugin (when a preamp is used on the SoundGrid channel). In this case you can use every iPad/iPhone app who comes with each DAW to control the plugin parameter and in this case, at least the preamp gain.
My 2 cents

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Hi @Megalobass,

That’s an interesting idea.

You can also add it as a message to the comments and suggestions section on the Contact Us form (under Other Contacts on the bottom) on our webpage.

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Hi @Gurik

And by the way, thanks for the idea :wink:

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