How to remotely control preamp level on SoundGrid Studio


I would like to switch my recording studio to a SoundGrid solution.
In my case, I’m both musician and producer. So I need to control my preamp and my headphone mix when I’m not in front of my computer in the control room. With MyMon Personal Mixer, it’s great to control Headphone mixes. But what about the preamp ?
The only solution I’ve find is to use Sidecar on macOS to have the DigiGrid window on my iPad. But in this case I can’t go back and forth with the Pro Tools Control App or Logic Remote App. So, if I need to setup some preamp level between to takes, I finally need to go back to the control room to setup my iPad again.
If you have any idea or recommandation…
Thanks for your feedback :wink:

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Hi @Megalobass,

Any remote control app to control the SoundGrid Studio computer via a 2nd computer or tablet could do the trick.

Just make sure not to connect it via the SoundGrid network which should be isolated from any non-SoundGrid network, to ensure stable data transfer on the SoundGrid side.

You can follow our instructions on How to Remotely Control Your Mac or PC with VNC to control the computer using a 2nd computer or tablet.

Thanks @OmryWaves

It could be a solution.
I’m actually investigating what I could do with Sidecar in macOS/iOS. It’s more or less the same approach.
Using StudioRack to integrate the preamp control could be a great idea.

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