Power Pack V9.2.0 plugins not showing in ableton 11.3

Hi, I am trying to install Power Pack V9.2.0 on Ableton 11.3.
This is on a Windows 11 PC.
Waveshells v10, v11, v14 plugins are all showing and working having copied them from C>prog files (x86)>Waves into a custom folder.
I have activated Power Pack V9.2.0 on waves central 14.5.2.
I downloaded the legacy v9.92 installer and followed extraction instructions to desktop.
I installed from the desktop using waves central and the install from an offline installer tab.
Installation completed sucessfully.
I copied the waveshells V9 from (x86)>Waves into the custom folder.
I opened Ableton and rescanned the custom folder.
There is no sign of the V9 waveshell in the ableton VST2 folder drop-down (v10, v11, v14 are all showing). There is no sign of the plugins within the VST3 drop down amongst the list of v10,11,14 plugins.
Following some older advice on an alternative forum that I read, I tried to rescan holding down Alt and also deselecting and reselecting the VST 2 and VST 3 tabs, neither of which worked.
I have attempted installing using the v9.6 legacy installer and it did not work either.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?
Thank you in advance.

Part of your problem might be compatibility. Check this out…

The other problem might be to do with moving Waves files around. Wave plugins rely on interdependencies between a few different files. The plugin shells found in the VST folder, the WAPAPI files and the plugins found inside the programs folder. Start moving things around and it breaks the interconnectivity between the files and they don’t work.

I believe they develop plugins a certain way to minimise the amount of code they need to maintain. Which would both speed up the process and and reduce the cost of plugs for the user. It’s kind of a necessary evil.

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