Plugins V11 don't install on PC

Hi guys,
thanks for responding.
As I said, I´m an experienced user. I´m used to solve problems usually before I see the only way out in asking for support. Of course I did ALL the troubleshooting provided on the Waves site.
Obviously the Waves copy protection cannot handle minor changes of the computer setup. I managed to fix the reoccuring well known WIFI adapter problems in the past several times. Now I´m out of ideas how to approach the problem.
I have a strong feeling that Waves software cannot be trusted any longer. If I had it fixed by tech support, the next problem is probably right around the corner.
After working on a mix for some days, opening the session in front of the client and some (Waves) plugins won´t show up is a nightmare, that already came true…

I suggest the very nice and highly professional Waves techs re-think their copy protection scheme and come up with something more reliable, like almost ALL other companies have.

Hi @r_u_sirius,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.
I will pass this to the relevant resources here at Waves.

The sad thing is that the security is only there because of piracy and anyone looking for an exploit to hack someone’s system for their private information. Because these people can’t be trusted to do the right thing it’s the rest of us that end up having to pay for it. :confounded:

There are plenty of users out there with new and old systems that are running fine, you just happen to be one of the exceptions and that’s unfortunate. It happens to us all from time to time. Well, not specifically Waves issues, it could be another software developer and if its not them or the computer it could be the car “playing up” or it could be the fridge, or your microwave might have just blown like mine did!! You get the point.

Anyway, as with all of these cases your problem is most likely solvable, but for the same reason you may have to take the car to a mechanic because there is a problem you might not be able to fix yourself. You may need to take your computer to a Waves Technician. However, given that they are usually separated by a huge body of water and my swimming isn’t that good (I’m In Australia), a remote session is the only option that would be available to me. :earth_asia:

Actually, I’ve done it once before, it was many years back. They make an “appointment” with you at a certain time, you meet up with them online and they send you a link to download and install the software to allow for remote access (that part may not even be necessary with something like Zoom nowadays). However they still can’t do a thing until you give them “permission” to access your computer. You see everything they do so they can’t get up to anything nefarious and it’s also a great learning experience watching them troubleshoot the problem. I find that no matter how much we know, there is always something new to learn. So there’s a good chance they can come up with something that you or I haven’t even thought of. :thinking:

Anyway, if a remote session is something you need consider, think about it some more. There’s very little difference than trusting a mechanic with your car and watching them as they work.


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