Please, help me guys

I Bought some waves plugins, and when I open it on my Logic Pro x, I have just a black window.

What Mac do you have? And what OSX are you on?

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Hey friend. My Mac is an iMac mid 2011, and my OsX is the High Sierra.

Are you running V12 plug-ins? It could be that your graphics card can’t handle it. Check with support.

This is from a different thread with a similar issue…

This may be because your Mac’s graphics card does not support ‘Metal’, which is required for V12 plugins.

If any further assistance is needed, I suggest contacting our Tech Support - ( team to assist according to your setup

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Oh man. I think u got it. I dont have metal. Ill check with support, thanks!

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Hi @haralemes Thanks for joining our forum :slight_smile:
In most cases following the steps to roll back to v11at this link will solve the issue.

I totally appreciate you. Its can graphic card problem.


Wow, Graphic card can be problem for black window when opened in Logic pro x.

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