Waves display super tiny, cannot read

Hi all,
I purchased/installed Waves Masters bundle on my Win10 Dell XPS 15, and the L2 GUI is basically unreadable it is so tiny.

3840x2160 is recommended by Dell but I changed it down to 1600x1200 and L2 was still the same tiny. I am using Adobe Audition.

Is there any possible way to use these so they are a readable size? What is recommended?
Thank you so much for any help,

(bonus question, is this “V10” stuff I read applicable to my Masters set I just bought?)

Hi John,

If your plug-ins display in a ‘tiny’ manner,
That means you might have to change your DPI Scaling settings for your Graphics Adapter -

See if you can change the scaling to %100, and set the resolution to 1600x1200 as recommended.

Let me know how this goes, so I can help out further as needed.

Hello, thanks for the reply.
Set to the Dell recommended I have this.

Audition is good but the Waves is tiny, need a magnifying glass to read it.

If I use 100% instead of 250%, and if I use 1600x1200 then the left and right of my monitor are un-utilized, like the display is just a box in the middle of the screen with nothing in the margins.

Am I missing the DPI setting maybe?

Hey @johnh714!

Offically, we don’t support these high resolutions as of yet.
As you can see in our system requirements,
recommended resolution is 1280x1024 / 1600x1024.

Here is a workaround though: right click the Audition exe file:

Go to the compatibility tab and click "Change high DPI settings:

Under “High DPI scaling override” - check the box and set “Scaling performed by” to System

That should do the trick :slight_smile: