Plugin says "this device is not installed on your system"

Näyttökuva 2022-06-03 225738
That’s a problem. I think that I have vst-plugin locations right and installed those.

Näyttökuva 2022-06-02 221356
Here you see all those devices/ports with problem. Xpand!2 works fine later reinstallation.

Here you see that view.

Here you see the locations.

I can take more screenshots if it helps you to get better info.

Hi,@aleksivuorilahti Welcome to the Waves forum.

Looking at the locations you attached in the image it seems you are missing the VST3 location which is crucial for Waves to load.

I suggest following these steps carefully to try and solve the issue.

If the issue persists I am sure our amazing tech team will be able to get it sorted :muscle:

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@adia Thanks a lot to an answer.

I’ve watched those steps and tried to made all right. I’ve sended a message to the support team so I wait an answer from there. Let’s see what happens.

Problem solved! Support team helped me!