Plug-Ins GUI Upside Down

I’ve just purchased 3 plug-ins and as I’m loading them into Pro Tools 12 they are flipped upside down! The other plug-ins I purchased some time ago are perfectly fine. When I use them in the studio rack they are fine. When they are on an insert they are flipped.
As you can see here

Anyone else have this issue? Any fixes or recommendations

Specs: OS 10.14.6
Pro Tools 12.4.0
Waves Central 12.0.8
V12 plug-ins

Hi @mike_rapps

Welcome to Waves Forum,

This is most likely since you are using a version of Pro Tools which is not supported with Waves V12 (as mentioned here).

I suggest that you roll back to V10, which is officially supported on your system,
although V11 may work fine as well.

You are more than welcome to contact our Support team if further assistance is needed.

Hey @mike_rapps / @Urib

Same issue on V12 with me too (see capture of Bass Rider below). I’m using Luna (1.1.2) for mixing. Waves are the only 3rd party AU plugins I’ve had issue with.

One helpful tip — if you have patches saved for your waves plugins or make use of their presets then you can at least still load them. Another thing I’ve done is tracked in Logic (10.6) with Waves plug-ins (they worked fine) and bounced out the audio and imported into Luna for mixing.

Not ideal but in the case of certain plugins (vocal and bass rider) other work arounds would be worse (riding faders and automation). Hopefully Waves can keep up with the pace of DAW version updates. I haven’t had issues with any other AU plugins.

Same issues in Luna Only Waves PIs are upside down. Really like the V12 features and would love to see if Waves is able to fix this issue!



Same issue with Harrison Mixbus and the Tune Real-Time plugin v12. Rolling back to v11 and the interface is fine.


Same with CLA EchoSphere V12 and Abbey Road Studio 3 in Ardour 6.5 on Mac OS X High Sierra.
The problem resides either in the way the PNGs in in the .bundle are stored, or how they are read by the plugin (wrong graphics lib?).

Anyway, saying “your roads are not supported” when selling a car with square wheels is not how you would handle this. I’ve already had contact with the developers on Ardour and they point the finger at Waves, since the V12 plugins have the same issue on multiple hosts.

Upon delving deeper into the issue: it is probably due to the Core Graphics coordinate system. If the programmers would check which coordinate system is being used for handeling the drawing, the output can be put right for all hosts.
Probable culprit may be the use of direct Core Graphics calls (which yield far greater power over graphics) in stead of UI graphics calls (which compensate for any coordinate system mixup)…
See for instance (but this may be iOS related): stackoverflow question 2695262: “how-to-compensate-the-flipped-coordinate-system-of-core-graphics-for-easy-drawing?”

(sorry, new member, can’t post links).


I’m having the exact same issue. I can’t go back to V11 because I’m trying to use some waves plugins that don’t exist in V11. This has got to be fixed asap. You can’t just say upgrade your version of pro tools. I’m on Pro tools 12.4 HD.

Hi @michael and all,

V12 plugins are programmed for, tested, qualified and supported on recent the more recent versions of DAW listed here:
Older DAW versions are missing certain necessary components and updates to support the current graphics and other aspects of the plugins.
Do to this we cannot fix issues with older DAW versions or add compatibility for DAW versions that are no longer in development.

In these times, in order to continue obtaining new products, a relatively ‘up to date’ system is required.

Same issue with LUNA 1.1.3 (OS X Big Sur) and Waves V11 Abbey Road Studios. It’s a problem with this particular plugin and perspective. UA just fixed another GUI issue with Waves plugins in the latest update. Apparently Waves is just passing the buck here. Not good customer support.

Perhaps there is a solution in there somewhere.

+1 for initiative, man. Have you tried sharing your feedback with Tech Support itself??

Good tip. I just passed the info on to Tech Support. I hope it really makes it to the developers’ desks.

has this been fixed yet?

I’m pretty sure someone will see it. The trouble is, it may not be as easy as it seems to be because of the potentially intricate way their “shell” and framework operates.

However, I do hold on to hope.

Hi All,

We just released a fix for the flipped GUI issue in Luna v1.1.2.

Please log in to your account in Waves Central and look for Updates Available next to your login name at the top - install the updates and restart the computer.

Happy new year :slight_smile:

what about Harrison mixbus fix?

Hi @shiko

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Unfortunately, as Harrison Mixbus is not officially supported by Waves, there will probably not be a dedicated fix it.

Harrison Mixbus 32 same issue

I am having the same problem with Pro Tools.
Upside down plugins in Pro Tools???
Is there a fix for this yet?

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Hi @swan2032 and @robertdavi,

This is a known issue that occurs when using Waves V12 plugins on older DAW versions.

Waves V12 is officially supported with Pro Tools 2020.
And none of our versions officially support Harrison MixBus.

In any case, I suggest the both of you, and anyone having this issue on older DAW versions,
To Roll Back to Waves V11

*Waves V12 licenses will authorize V11/10 and 9 if needed.