Waves plugins lag on logic pro 10.7 native Big Sur

Hi, I’m new here:
I’m demoing some V13 plugins on my new mac mini M1 on logic 10.7 under Big Sur (11.6.1).
This was yesterday, the installation was perfect from waves central. I open logic in native, the plugins are scanned and everything is perfect. Incredible the speed and the fluidity (I love some of the plugins that I plan to acquire), I spent several hours testing and I was delighted.

The problem:
Today when I open logic again and try to load some Waves plugin something goes wrong: the plugin take several seconds to open and the presets menu takes another 5 seconds to respond. I did not change or touch anything, but the plugs have considerable lag. Something is wrong.
I say to myself, let’s try logic under Rosetta: Everything is perfect again, huh!
okay! Let’s go back to native logic then: everything is perfect.

I have already tried reinstalling Waves plugins, deleting everything first and nothing, the problem persists. I have even updated Big Sur from 11.6 to 11.6.1 and… nothing.

The thing is like this: for the waves plugins to go well in my system I have to first open logic in rosetta, load a waves plugin (any), close and open logic in native again, and this is how it works. Every time I turn on the mac I have to do that. I need some help, I don’t know what to do. Thanks in advance

Hi @SaraRoberts welcome to our Forum :slight_smile:

Note that our v13 plug-ins were tested and qualified with Logic Pro X 10.6.3.
We are working on qulifing the newer version, however, I don’t have an ETA.

The full list of Officially Supported DAWs can be seen in this link.

This doesn’t mean the plug-ins will not work in newer DAW versions.
Just that as they were not qualified, we don’t have a knowledge of possible issues.

I do suggest contacting our Tech Support team, who might be able to provide tips on how to get this sorted.


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If it helps I’ve been using plugins in 10.7 on Big Sur and haven’t come across a plugin display performance issue. Though I am on an Intel Mac. So perhaps the performance is more specifically related to the M1 chip.

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