CLA Epic crashing Logic

I have Logic 10.6. Waves CLA Epic is crashing logic on load up with about 80% consistency.
Anyone else experiencing the same or have a work around?


That’s odd. I haven’t run into this issue myself (Logic 10.6, Catalina).

On thing you could try, outside of contacting Support, is deleting Logic’s Plugin Cache. The downside is it may not work and you have to sit through Logic rebuilding its Plugin Database. Which can be a little bit painful if you have a lot of plugins.


But Tech Support might be your better bet…

EPIC has been working fine for me, until today when I was writing Throw trigger automation.
LPX 10.5.1 (Mojave)

Hi @drewmakesnoise and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Try the following:
In Waves Central application go to Settings > Repair and click on “Repair”.
In case that doesn’t solve it, the issue will require a further investigation and troubleshooting by Waves Technical Support team.

Feel free to contact them and they will gladly assist you with sorting it out.

Thanks for the replies.

The issue so far is just in one particular logic session.
I reinstalled and tried repair several times but the session just won’t open.
I contacted Support and they advised me to try repair also.

My other sessions in which I used it open fine.
I have saved off a version of the session not using the plug.

I’ve had the same issue. It seems to be the WaveShell2-AU 12.1.component, which seems to only affect the Epic plugin. I removed all of the WaveShell files from the component folder and added them back in. All the others allowed my project to open but said CLA Epic wasn’t available. When I added back WaveShell2-AU 12.1.component, the app crashed again. I’ve tried repairing on Waves Central too and it’s still crashing.

Hi @oneill_music and Welcome to Waves Forum.

In your case I would as well advice contacting Tech Support, since it seems it might require complete re-installation of the software, clearing its cache and preferences folders and perhaps few additional troubleshooting steps.

Hi @drewmakesnoise

In some cases issues as such may occur due to a corrupt session.
If this is indeed the situation - there’s nothing much that can be done, besides rebuilding the session.

That is of course just an assumption. Following the troubleshooting process with the tech support department will give you the best results and the most current information.

Deleting Waveshell12.1 on library audio components resolve the issue of crashing and try reinstalling just CLA epic


That could work… maybe

I’m just now having this problem in Logic. Reaper opens fine and I can use Epic but not Logic. I have deleted the Waveshell12.1 so that Logic can open but Epic is disabled. I then tried to install Epic through Waves Central and then again, Logic crashes on open because of Waveshell12.1.0

Catalina 10.15.7
Latest version of Logic just downloaded 5 days ago.

If you’ve already done the delete Waves Central Cache thing in its settings and reinstalled, try deleting Logic’s AudioUnit Cache. It may not work though and if you have alot of plugins prepare to wait for a little while. This has fixed problems in the past though, especially when something works okay in another Daw, but not Logic.


Keep in mind that sometimes Logic won’t validate a plugin straight up, sometimes you need to restart the computer. When that fails it pays to open the Plugin Manager and select the plugin in an hit the “Reset & Rescan Selection” button, this usually fixes the problems that restarting won’t.

it’s after then that’s when you should consider other options like deleting caches.

Yep Ive had the same problem. Ive had to disable quite a few of my Waves plugins to stop Logic crashing but I assumed it was because I haven’t updated them all. CLA Epic is new though so it shouldn’t be doing this - but it definitely is on my computer

Hi @matt and @craigsfrost, and Welcome to Waves Forum. :slight_smile:

As mentioned earlier in this thread, this issue might require further troubleshooting by the Tech Support. I would advice contacting them via this link for assistance.

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Same here (Logic 10.6.1, Catalina)…spent an hour with Tech Support yesterday troubleshooting. That was the same conclusion we came to yesterday…that the Epic WavesShell 12.1 isn’t playing well with other WaveShells.

Development Team is engaged and working a fix which I was told today should be expected in a few weeks.

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