Oxvox in Logic Pro

Howdy folks,

I was just curious how people are incorporating the midi out feature for oxvox in Logic Pro. I saw a nice video for Protools and Ableton, demonstrating how to grab the midi out signal from oxvox placed on an audio file, have that generate midi, and then play whatever software instrument you have inserted on the instrument track.
I can’t seem to figure out a similar workflow for Logic.

I just want oxvox to transcribe the audio file it’s inserted on to midi, record that information, while real-time using it to play a plug-in synth for example.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I tried to do this as well several months ago and at that time Logic did not support MIDI out as needed for this. Not sure if it does now, but I would also like to use this functionality in OVOX

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Hi @lukasik.chris, Welcome to the Waves community forum.

I suggest following the instructions in the How to Control the OVox Vocoder with MIDI in Logic Pro X article.

I hope this articl will help.

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