OVOX Midi out to Maschine

I understand that several DAW platforms are supported for the midi out capability in OVOX.
Unfortunately Maschine Studio is not.
Any information available of making it possible?
I am a new user and pleasantly challenged by the capabilities OVOX presents and would be extremely grateful for a voice-to-midi reality in Maschine.

Hi @Jmp ans welcome home to our forum!

Ovox outputs MIDI to any DAW that can receive MIDI from a plugin. Unfortunately many DAWs, including Maschine, do not support this functionality just yet. If and when NI add this functionality - the MIDI out button will work in Machine.
DAWs that can receive MIDI out from Ovox are listed here:
(Reaper is free to evaluate - so you can use it to export Voice to MIDI and then import the MIDI in to your Maschine…)

  1. Protools
  2. Cubase
  3. Nuendo
  4. Studio One
  5. Reaper
  6. Bitwig
  7. Samplitude
  8. Seqouia

Hello Yishai,

Thank you for responding so quickly and explaining the situation - much appreciated☺
Guess I’ll contact NI since they aren’t supporting OVOX. Not the other way around…
Appreciate the suggestion about Reaper - I will try that.


Sure @Jmp.

I’d just like to add that Ovox is supported in Maschine. Only the MIDI out function is not available there.