How to use OVox as a MIDI-controlled audio plugin in Logic Pro?

Hi, I try to use OVox as a MIDI-controlled audio plugin in Logic Pro. I don’t know how to complete Step 4:

  1. Open OVox on an audio track.
  2. Set the Note Source to MIDI.
  3. In your DAW, open a new MIDI/Instrument track.
  4. Route the MIDI track to the plugin’s MIDI input.
    Can you please explain how this works in Logic Pro? Thanks a lot!

Hi @public,

Welcome to Waves Community Forum.

Basically, you can take a look at the information at the How to Control OVox Vocoder with MIDI on Your DAW page.

As well, you can try to follow the instructions below:

set up the OVox , follow these steps:

  1. Launch Logic Pro X .
  2. Create a ‘ New Software Instrument Track .’
  3. Load OVox (m > s) to the instrument track - you will find OVox (m > s) under the ‘ AU MIDI-controlled Effects ’ category.
  4. Create another Audio track.
  5. In the upper-right corner of the OVox , open the ‘ Side Chain ’ dropdown menu, and choose the channel you’ve set to be your carrier.
  6. Make sure that the following is set:
  • Under Voice change to Track .
  • Under Synth change to Internal .
  • Under Note Source change to MIDI .

Try playing a sample on the audio track and play with a MIDI controller.

I hope this information will do.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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